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SMS Vocal Point™ Blood Glucose Monitoring System


Our Diabetes Management System is a Windows-based software program that provides an easy way for you to manage your blood glucose levels. It’s a personal computer (PC) software application that provides users the ability to upload test results from their meter, store the data in the Diabetes Management System and analyze the data through graphs and other software tools. The information analyzed with this software can provide users and healthcare professionals the ability to better control and manage blood glucose levels.

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The Diabetes Management System provides you the following functions:
• Transmit stored blood glucose results from your meter to your PC.
• Use electronic data instead of a log book (In some cases).
• Monitor your trends and statistics of displayed results.
• Share the data with your doctor or healthcare professional.

Intended Use with:
• Vocal Point Blood Glucose Monitors
• SureEdge® Blood Glucose Meters
• Sure Classic Blood Glucose Meters

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When using any of the above listed glucose meters, The Diabetes Management System will transfer data from the meter’s memory into a computer for enhanced data management.

The Diabetes Management System is intended for personal and clinical use as an aid for managing diabetes.

Listed below are the links to obtain our Free Data Managements Software and the necessary USB Adapter Driver. Next to each link are the instructions to assist you in downloading these items. It would be advisable to click on these pdf files and print them out prior to downloading.”
PLEASE NOTE. A Data Cable must be obtained from your Sure Edge Distributor in order to download your results.

Vocal Point Software Download Instructions Download
Vocal Point Diabetes Management System (108 MB / EXE) Download Instructions Download
USB Adapter Driver (Vista - ONLY)  (6.5 MB / EXE)
Only use this driver if your USB cable says "Vista" on the head.
Download Instructions Download